I risk it all to be one with you, to be trusted by you, to love you. We elope every night And every morning.  We elope every time I blink an eye.  We… Continue reading


What you are worried about is just a petal on one flower.


“Watermelon is your color,” the clairvoyant says. They equate this with unconditional love nowadays. You always had safe keeping here in little girls’ bedrooms and on their lunch boxes in the background of… Continue reading


  Illuminada   I commune with love in the form of what you are. All we can do (and we can do it) is be a wick;   your small self knows as… Continue reading

You Who I Love

When I just want to see you– who I love! You morph into everyone else. In a lover is everybody.   Will you make love to all your life? Every time zone, every… Continue reading


A dose of transcendence, a trip to the Garden, a day off, a way to rest, find what you love. These are the prescriptions they gave.   and you, yours is none


Compassionate and stubborn


My friend came to me yesterday. He has HIV. I didn’t tell him Helichrysum was good for HIV. I quietly placed the Helichrysum oil near his head, and he asked to take it home with him.