How are you,


I tap

a finger in not-intervals until they are a melody of the horse’s neigh on high. 

Frankincense and Eucaliptus

How the words being spoken are the pan of essences Ubique Neque Plantago Rheum rhabarbarum Solanum dulcamara Quercus coccinea, Quercus rubra Quercus velutina Quercus palustris   Remember when I drummed? I did not… Continue reading

Trumpeters break out of roofs and

suddenly hear each other!

Birds’ Wings

This expanding world is bird wings revealing themselves, stretching, and always ready to take flight.

Listening To Another’s eyes

another’s mouth, another’s thoughts. Slowly, we congeal and are One Person


I would consider this a kind of endless world that God has made. The speech He speaks that keeps things in existence– YES. That’s the world.  

To be Seen Through

Love’s eyes


What if the lambs didn’t have blood anymore– of what was once soft and woolen.

The Origin Hears You

Peer and listen. The Origin hears you And whatever you are thinking is wrong.