No longer

Blankets off- there I am in the world

Opposite of the lullaby

that wakes up in the club, in Israel, from the tree house,  Big leaves to wear.

If we opened

our hearts, deep inside the endless hush, the purr, the buzz is the sound of love. 

This silence

is the melody between centuries

My ears are touched by the Goddess

who speaks in touches. That whistler who hears the more we wind-suiters cannot help but play her greenish-gray praise like, “wish, wish for this.”


Whose hum is near, whose sound is forever.


The corners of my veins- Electromagnetic, freezing, sending messages of Love, telepathy, be not afraid


Little Drummer, I will run a far as possible from marching bands and rock and roll. When my womanly parts are heard directly, wait. She may say something.

Our Point of Reference

You are the One who you are, not who you used to be.

Distant, Profound space and time are simply realms

How are you, Love?