I’m in the house instead of the house being inside me.

The Air

is a gel.

One Candle.

Snowscape orange suffuses. suddenly a column of brightness, a pillar of fire! One. Candle.

Became Colors

Like how my heart became colors that rest around in the ether lands.

Healing The Planet With The Grace of Love

There’s nothing to be afraid of; it’s all God

There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s all God.


I am able to say, “The Whole World is loving holding you.”


When you make a joke out of listening, you cannot hear her brilliance. In your inner thigh, I twirl my fingers, and I have spun you a song that, God Willing, You sing and… Continue reading

Painting Light

I felt I could paint when I learned of painters who paint light. I would let the light play with me. I could be its plaything, and it is masterful to be. Let… Continue reading


I will also fade, dissolve, and, you see, that’s ok. That’s ok, you whose memory is nothing but fictional, sparkling dust.