When we clap our hands together, the cymbals are meaning.


Speaking Becomes Praise

honoring God by speaking what is there inside me. Speaking becomes an affirmation. Your response becomes an elevation, and then we become praise.


The way we wander and do not know the large picture is that you are meandering through the blood vessels and capillaries of God.


In dancing we go around this most dynamic stillness.

Baby and Mama

Love.   That’s what life becomes.

The Air Would Say

If I listened a little more closely, meaning would chime. I would receive a message in the air that said, “make a wish,” or maybe the air would say, “you give my life… Continue reading

On its side

Water that wiggles  

You are Me

and I am yours


The temptation, the found, and the lust The complete compassion you have for us.